Wednesday, June 23, 2010


1.  How would I improve the class?
2.  What was the most valuable part of the class?
3.  What was the least valuable?
4.  Would the book Google Blogger for Dummies help?

Post the answers on Professor Clark's blog, The Write Stuff.  Assignment due tomorrow prior to class starting.

West Coast

My one and only someone special boarded a plane back to Washington state this morning.  I miss him already!  I am dropping my daughter off with my mother this afternoon and heading to Las Vegas tomorrow!  So I need to pack and hitch a ride to the airport....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Old School, not the movie, although I do love that...

This weekend...

So we were assigned to blog this weekend, but I want to blog about the weekend....  I had THE BEST time back home in the Dallas Metroplex.  I dropped the child off with the sperm donor, dead beat and hit the streets!  I had a blast running around with my girls.  Strip club-Cabaret Royal, Taco Cabana, Corner Bakery, the pool, Tin Star, too much fun!  I know that was an incomplete sentence, I would totally complain about that.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was showing my "birthmark" to one of my classmates yesterday so I thought I would post it on the good ol' blog.  These are my baby's actual birth footprints!  I took the page of her baby book to the tattoo shop in Addison, TX.  This is by far my most meaningful and most beautiful tattoo.  My daughter is Nataleigh Nancy.  Her name is derived from a combination of my middle name Leigh and her dead beat dad's name, Nathan.  Nancy is after his mother who has passed.  Which pissed off my mother; she wanted part of her name shoved in there.  I told her she would have to die before that would ever be a possibility and that her name sucks.  Bonnita Marie, a white lady!  Come on now, seriously?  Was her mother banging the gardener or what?  Lol

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fatty McButterpants

I have been in OKC for 2 years now.  In that time frame I have put on 40 pounds!  I gotta lose some weight, stat.  You know like when you try to put yourself on a diet and all you can think about is what you can and can't eat?  I obsess about it.  My doctor won't write out a script for diet pills, damn her.  I am eating cookies that I just got out of the vending machine as I blog this.  It doesn't help that my boyfriend is a chef and I am a "good eater".  He is really excited about me meeting his mother this summer.  He said she will cook for me non-stop and love me because I am such a "good eater".  But seriously, the Apocalypse could happen at any moment.  If it all goes down I don't want to die not having eaten a big ass slice of carrot cake.  I would like to think that Jesus will roll in with a pan of brownies or something.  Surely in heaven I can eat gummy bears all day?  Any suggestions for an appetite suppressant?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Any advice on airfare?

I have a few places that I would like to fly to this summer when I get a moment.  I am trying to go see my family, and meet my boyfriend's mother (yikes!) here in a few weeks.  All of those travel sites suck.  I have been trying to do Price Line for the time frame that I want to go but I can't find anything that suites the time constraint between classes ending and starting.  Would any of you guys know the best route for me to take to reach my destination?